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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard ISO/TR 14292:2012 defines a Personal Health Record as:

a representation of information regarding, or relevant to, the health, including wellness, development and welfare of that individual, which may be stand-alone or may integrate health information from multiple sources, and for which the individual, or the representative to whom the individual delegated his or her rights, manages and controls the PHR content and grants permissions for access by, and/or sharing with, other parties.

The Personal Health record (PHR) should be a complete and accurate health record covering the full range of health services that an individual accesses. It should be possible for the PHR to be edited and shared by its owner so that it can be used as a joint healthcare management tool between the owner and all healthcare providers.

The WISDAM initiative promotes standardisation by offering a personal health record template for shared health and social care.

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